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March 28, 2018

To whom It May concern:

My husband had been sick with multiple medical problems for years, but a fall and a stroke forced him to become bed bound. After various medical evaluations, we decided to care for him at home. I turned to We Care 4 Yolo because of a personal reference I had been given about this group. I was immediately impressed with the energy and ease of communicating with the management team . Within hours, Kelli introduced me to an experienced caregiver who could work a 12 - hour night shift for that night. Kelli helped me put together a team of excellent caregivers who worked all the nights and the day hours that I requested. Each of these caregivers was skilled, reliable, honest, and wonderfully compassionate in their unique way. My husband needed help with eating and drinking, diapers, and bed baths. He also needed to have two bed sores watched, frequent changes of position and some range of motion exercises. As his abilities declined and the visiting nurse suggested that Hospice Services should be considered, these experienced caregivers were able to answer my questions and concerns about changing to Hospice. They provided companionship for my husband and emotional support for me. The day time caregiver was also an excellent housekeeper – always looking for ways to help with cleaning, laundry, cooking, and shopping as well as helping my husband. In the course of one month these caregivers became like members of the family. When my husband passed away, both the management team and the caregivers continued to reach out to me to offer encouragement. My husband was able to stay with me at home and was more comfortable during his last weeks because of these caregivers. I could never have made it through this stressful and very sad time period without the help of We Care 4 Yolo. Thank you 

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Davis, CA